Posted by: Five Star Travel & Cruises | March 23, 2012

Myanmar Open To Tourists

As one of Asia’s most untouched countries sheds its past as an isolated military dictatorship and taboo travel destination it is becoming a new global hotspot – topping tourism lists as the must-see place to visit in 2012.

The country is eager for the influx of visitors their only problem is that there are very few hotels available since western companies haven’t been able to expand in the country. Then there’s the problem and concern over how much the public should have access to since everything is so well preserved they don’t want it turning into Thailand.

Soon their hotel problem will change with new laws being drafted to make it easier and more tax friendly for business to come in and and set up their business there.

Travel agents offer these tips for those planning a trip: Bring heaps of cash because Myanmar is a cash-only economy. With rare exception, credit cards are not accepted. Leave iPhones and BlackBerrys at home because foreign mobile phones don’t work here. Be prepared for hot, sweaty sightseeing because taxis are decades-old jalopies without air conditioning.”

click here to read the associated press article By JOCELYN GECKER

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