Posted by: Five Star Travel & Cruises | January 18, 2012

Environmental fears mount in Italian cruise wreck

An Italian cruise ship sank on Friday near the island of Giglio and the captain has been taken into custody for the incident. The captain intentionally strayed off course, that was set when the ship left port, heading too close to perilous reef. The cruise ship fell sideways in the water with people still missing and the threat of fuel leaking into the environment, which would be a major catastrophe to marine wildlife. The coast guard said that the captain had abandoned ship before all the passengers have been evacuated even though they urged him to go back, but the captain is claiming different. Even the survivors, once on land, complained that Costa was stingy with assistance.

Blake Miller, on board to celebrate his partner’s 50th birthday, said Costa representatives rebuffed his efforts to get some reimbursement so he could buy a change of clothing. Only passengers who had paid for special insurance to cover lost belongings would receive compensation to buy replacements, he said they were told.

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