Posted by: Five Star Travel & Cruises | March 16, 2011

Travel agents VS. The Internet

Someone tweeted a link yesterday on twitter so i clicked it and found this interesting blog about travel agents vs the world of the internet. The blogger makes a very valid point and even though being a travel agent we are a little biased, but other than that we agree with what they have to say. Part of the story is listed below you can read the whole blog by following the link posted below.

What I am about to tell you, may shock you beyond belief.  So please for your own safety, sit down.  Ok… here it is.

There was a time… when the world did not have the internet. Or BI as I like to call it.  Ok that was it, a little dramatic, but I promise there is a point.

I was recently asked by a young kid in middle school, while talking about life before the internet.” How did you book your vacation with out internet access?”  ”I said ”Believe it or not, you actually use to talk to a living, breathing, person.  Either on the phone, or get this, in person”. (Cue the dramatic music)  I believe the whole conversation made a bigger impact on me, than it did on him.  It got me thinking about life before the internet, and what is use to be like to book a vacation…

Travel agents VS. The Internet.


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