Posted by: Five Star Travel & Cruises | March 15, 2011

National Plan A Vacation Week!

Today kicks off the first day of national plan a vacation week. Though we are unsure of why it starts on a Tuesday, we are just going to roll with it anyway.

Check us out by clicking on the picture below to see this weeks first annual plan a vacation week. By following the link you will be taken to a mini website called a micro site which different from our usual website. This micro site is filled with photos and videos and even has a place where you can have us contact you to start planning your vacation.

National Plan a Vacation Week enables anyone looking forward to planning their vacations access to great offers that are only available to select travel agents.

Offers are available during National Plan a Vacation Week, with several qualified vacation partners providing vacations in the following categories: Tropical Adventures, Pacific Paradises, American Discoveries, Occasions for Amazement, Fun for Families, and Viva Mexico.

Come explore great destination packages from Hawaii to Mexico, Orlando favorites, Jamaica resorts, all-inclusive Caribbean packages and some off-the-beaten-path hideaways. All these amazing destinations are available for travelers to explore with the professional guidance and service of a qualified travel agent.

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