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Wanna get away for your wedding? Tips for planning a destination wedding.

Destination Weddings can be romantic, less stressful and less costly. Below are a few tips.

1. Warn Your Friends — Tell your bridal party and family members about the destination months ahead, so they can arrange to take off work, get passports and find the best deals. And don’t take offense if their finances are too tight for them to make the trip.

2. Decide Early — Decide what type of trip you want and approximately how much you are willing to spend. The more specific your destination and activity wish list, the less time you will spend on planning. Also consider whether you want an adults – only resort or a resort with kids.

3. Look At The Destination’s Legal Requirements — Some have rules about how long you have to be in the country before you can get married (often a few days), while others charge for translation fees. Jamaica and the Bahamas are the easiest.

4. Get Help — You will probably need help planning a wedding that is not in your hometown, and possibly not in a place where you speak the language. START WITH A TRAVEL AGENT HERE; they’ll help you find someone in your wedding location.

5. Consider Bringing In Your Own Talent — Don’t hesitate to fly in talent you trust from home for important aspects such as the wedding photography, hair and makeup.

6. Consider The Weather — When you choose your wedding dress, be mindful of the climate of your chosen locale.

7. Greet Your Guests With  A Gift Basket — Be sure to include essentials for the trip, such as sunscreen. The basket also can offer fun items such as a beach towel or some kind of keepsake. Also include samples of local foods, crafts from local artisans and maybe a gift certificate to a hotel restaurant (for the meals you won’t be covering).

8. Suggest Activities For Your Guests — After the wedding or before, your guests might be looking for activities. Provide them with a list of fun things to do in the area, or perhaps include tickets to some.

9. Shipping — Request that wedding gifts be sent to your home or to a relative rather than brought to the wedding destination. You can also consider shipping your gown and attendant gifts beforehand (that’s probably cheaper than paying checked luggage fees).

10. Keep In Mind — Remember it is your day. Pick your destination based on your desires rather than the desires of your guests.

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