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Traveling with Young Children and Infants

Keeping a Young Child Happy During a Long Flight
Travelers who take long flights with children know how stressful it can be to keep a child under control in travel circumstances that are often taxing for even the most mature grown-ups. However, there are some steps that can be taken to ensure a relatively-stress free trip.

Parents who regulate their children’s TV time may be advised to suspend their limits for the duration of a long flight. If a plane has TV monitors, allowing a child to watch them may be the easiest and most stress-free way to keep him or her entertained.

Packing a small bag for a child complete with dolls, cars, coloring books, stickers and other toys may also provide entertainment and keep the child calm during the journey.

If the flight is long enough, putting one’s child to sleep is especially important. Not only will it make the time pass faster for the child, but he or she will be well-rested and feel better once the family arrives to their final destination.

Trying to maintain a normal bedtime rhythm may help putting a child to sleep. If the parent reads his child a bedtime story, bringing the storybook on board and reading from it may be helpful.
Tips and Tricks for Traveling with a Baby
One suggestion to make travel easier is to book a flight with another family. While arranging a joint vacation can be difficult, keeping the newborn entertained and happy makes the journey that much easier, and by letting two babies play together both families win. This can also be achieved by traveling with older relatives like aunts or grandparents, who can watch the children for a while, allowing parents a chance to relax.

Another consideration is to ask about borrowing baby gear at the final destination. With the mounting airline fees being tacked on for baggage, using a friend of family member’s stroller can save a lot of money when booking a flight.

Parents will also want to stretch out their vacation schedule so as not to agitate or tire out little ones. A tired baby typically means a fussy baby, so parents would be advised to take things a little slower while traveling with children.

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