Posted by: Five Star Travel & Cruises | August 26, 2010

Pre-Travel Safety Tips

Most people have safety tips during their trip, but there are some pre-travel tips to think about also.

Don’t post information on Facebook or other social media networks that you will be traveling or details about your trip. Make sure only close friends and family have access to your information. Thieves can target your home knowing when you will be out of town. Make sure kids understand this also as they love to post everything they are doing. It is easy for thieves to figure out an address with the amount of information displayed on Facebook profiles. Schools, hometowns and parents’ names make it easy for them to identify all of the information they need to target your home.

Set lights and TV’s on timers before and after you travel to help throw off potential thieves. Tell neighbors to keep an eye for unusual activity or cars at your residence. You can also contact your local police department to let them know you will be out of town. Have neighbors put out and remove your trash receptacle from the curb. Also ask them to retrieve any flyers or literature left on your front door and remove any free paper deliveries from your driveway. Contact your post office to have mail stopped during your absence and stop all newspaper delivery.

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