Posted by: Five Star Travel & Cruises | November 5, 2009

All-Inclusive Resorts – The Facts

What do I get for my money at all-inclusive resorts?

Your all-inclusive vacation price includes your room, at least 3 meals a day, land and water based activities and gratuities. The inclusion is the total vacation cost of alcoholic beverages, entertainment, excursions, or more expensive activities such as scuba diving, varies by resorts.

What can I do at the resort?

That depends on the resort, but all-inclusive resorts have a wide array of activities. You may wish to relax on the beach or by the pool, sign up for scuba lessons, play a game of tennis or a round of golf, enter a talent show or get a massage. If a particular activity is very important to you your travel agent and they can confirm that it is available at the resort of your choice.

Will I need a passport?

You will definitely need proof of citizenship-all resorts now require it. Your travel agent will help you determine the documents you will need at the time of booking.

Is an all-inclusive vacation suitable for families with kids?

Not just suitable, they’re perfect. Many resorts are now designed specifically for families, with kids only facilities, with daytime activities and nighttime baby-sitting. Children of all ages are welcome at most resorts.

Are all inclusive vacations suitable for single travelers?

All-inclusive vacations are very popular with single travelers, and many resorts offer programs to help singles meet and mingle. Some resorts offer single guest rooms and most offer either single supplement rate for double occupancy rate. A few all-inclusive resorts are for couples only and do not accept singles.

Do I need travel insurance?

An illness, accident or unexpected situation can arise before or during your all-inclusive vacation. Causing it to be cut short or to be canceled entirely.Because most vacations are a significant investment for people, with travel insurance you can protect yourself  from financial loss in the event of an emergency.

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