Posted by: Five Star Travel & Cruises | September 21, 2009


#1  – Convenient One-Stop Shopping:

Travel agents can handle every aspect of your trip from airline tickets to lodging, ground transportation, activities, tours and more!

#2 – Consumer Advocate

If you should have a problems during your trip, travel agents can act on your behalf to see that proper restitutions are made.

#3 – Expert Guidance

Travel agents are experts in helping travelers get where they need to go and in helping to create possibilities most people never would have dreamed were possible.

#4 – Save Time

Avoid the headaches and let the travel agents call around and do all the time consuming work of planning a complex itinerary.

#5 – Choice

Travel agents offer you an array of options and price quotes from a variety of travel suppliers, giving you the upper hand when making your final travel decisions.

More to follow next week……….

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