Posted by: Five Star Travel & Cruises | June 30, 2009

Honeymoons on the High Seas

A honeymoon at sea is idyllic – newlyweds board a sleek vessel and head to a destination where the afterglow of romance mingles with the salty air.

For many couples, ships epitomize romance and a tranquil way to see far-off lands. Couples will long remember standing at ship’s rail with a loved one, speculating about the wonders beyond the horizon.

Norwegian Cruise Line, for example, offers vessels that consistently rank among the best in the business for starry-eyed newlyweds.

“Couples sailing on Norwegian will undoubtedly find the romance of the sea to be one of the best reasons to cruise,” crew and service personnel have been instructed to welcome honeymooners as if they were family. 

“We strive to make the atmosphere so relaxed and welcoming that guests often forget about stepping out on to an open deck with the starry night above and to bask in the relaxing sound of the waves rushing by.”

Couples on Norwegian can truly have a romantic dinner for two with the line’s freestyle-type of dining, where couples can find a remote table to bask in each other’s company.

Norwegian, with 11 cruise ships calling on ports from Alaska to the Caribbean and from Europe to the Americas, offers excellent flexibility for its passengers who often take the opportunity to customize their cruise before sailing.

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