Posted by: Five Star Travel & Cruises | May 22, 2009

Wi-Fi on all Flights

If you book a flight on Virgin America, you will now have access to the internet no matter where you sit. Virgin is the first airline to offer wi-fi on all flights and aircraft.

Of course, this technology does come at a price. The service is available on laptops for $9.95 for flights 3 hours and under, $12.95 for flights 3 hours and over and $7.95 on all handheld devices.

This service may make it a little easier for those business travelers to stay in touch on long flights. Airtran Airways should be outfitted by July and the other airlines have plans in the works to test and install this service on their aircraft as well.

On 5/21/09, Oprah Winfrey actually used Skype to connect with passengers aboard a Virgin Flight from Seattle to LAX and talk to them live in her studio.

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