Posted by: Five Star Travel & Cruises | May 8, 2009

“Green” Vacations

Many of us have been “going green” in our homes and workplaces. Did you know that you can also plan an eco-friendly vacation?

Eco-tourism benefits travelers and the environment as well. Travelers can feel good that they are choosing a vacation destination/resort that is environmentally conscious and see the results that being eco-friendly can do for the environment.  Destinations can benefit as well from the economic development as well as funds for conservation support.

Travelers can also choose from luxury resorts while planning an eco-friendly vacation. Awesome destinations can be found all over the world, including Africa, Costa Rica, Mexico, Belize and may other countries.

What exciting activities can you participate in on an eco-friendly vacation? 

  • Wilderness Encounters
  • Endangered Animal Sightings
  • Horsebacking
  • Hiking
  • Restoring your body utilizing local oils/herbs
  • Education/cultural diversity and awareness

Contact us at Five Star Travel for more information about booking an eco-friendly vacation!  636-978-5510

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