Posted by: Five Star Travel & Cruises | April 17, 2009

Attention All Airline Passengers

United Airlines will now be charging obese passengers for an extra seat on all flights. To be considered obese and required to purchase an extra seat the passenger must:

  • require more than one seat belt extender to fasten seat belt
  • be unable to fit into a single seat
  • be unable to fit into a single seat when armrests are down

United will require any passenger falling into this category to purchase an extra seat. If no seats are available next to the passenger, they may purchase an upgrade to a cabin with available seating or wait for the next available flight with seating able to accomodate them.

When purchasing another ticket, the second fare will be the same as the original fare even if purchased on day of departure. All fees will be waived.

If, at this point, the traveler chooses not to travel due to weight issues, United will refund the ticket without penalty even if it was purchased as non-refundable.

According to United, the gate agents will be enforcing this requirement.

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